26 Living Skincare products

We are 26 Living, and this is where it all began. 26 is our door number. We are Patricia and Ricardo. We are based in Portugal, in a small village near Mafra which is close to Lisbon.

We sell mostly alternative products to plastic. When it comes to skin and hair care. We sell solid shampoos, hair conditioners, shower gel bars, facial, body scrubs, creams, and body balms.

solid shampoo and conditioner bars

We also sell scented soy wax candles, aromatic sachets. We call it our homecare items. They are all-natural, plant-based, and organic using only sustainable ingredients. Most of our products are also vegan-friendly. 

natural organic tangerine and chocolate balms

We’ve been doing this for a while now, first it was for our kids because they suffered from eczema, and then we had other family and friends requesting shampoo, moisturising creams and more recently we decided to try and spread the goodies! We thought that there are, probably, other families that could reduce plastic waste, and improve their skin at the same time.

It’s really comforting knowing that we are doing our part in reducing plastic waste and at the same time caring for my families’ skin and hair. It’s very rewarding to experiment with scents, colors, oils, and butter. I enjoy reading positive feedback from customers and it makes me happy when people also like our products.


We are inspired by nature. I believe that we are so lucky to live in a small village. Just outside our window, there are green mountains and blue skies. We live in the countryside and every morning we see goats crossing the street, eating acorns. We hear birds, bees, the wind, and the rain. Those are my biggest inspirations. We also get inspired by our kids who have taught us to do better, to improve, to grow and to care.

Natural blue sky and fields

We plan every product first. Choosing the colors, scents, and oils that we want to use and then we visualize exactly how we want it to look. Then comes the fun part, we roll up our sleeves, put on an 80s music playlist and start creating!

Our website is currently in the works but it is not ready yet. You can, however, head over to our Facebook page.

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