Can your essential oil burner catch fire?

Once I lit an oil burner in the kitchen and went to go charge my phone. When I came back the oil burner was on fire and so yes it can catch fire but let me explain how. 

Using too much essential oil

Essential oil is flammable and If you use too much  it is dangerous because it makes the liquid on top easy to ignite. 

Using too much water

If you combine too much essential oil with too much water it can cause the liquid to bubble over and when it leaks around the side of the oil burner and goes near the flame, it can easily catch fire. 

Carelessness causes fires which is the main reason why it ignited in the first place. I should have walked out of the kitchen leaving the oil burner unattended. Oil burners can be great tools that can provide you with many health benefits but in order to use them well you have to first learn how to use them safely. 

What to do if your oil burner catches fire?

  • Never put water over the fire it will make it much worse.
  • To put out the fire you can use a metal pan. Alternatively, pour baking powder or salt over it and it goes out like magic.  
  • As a last resort use a fire extinguisher. 

Can your oil burner catch fire? (Video)

We are making weekly videos related to essential oil burners on our YouTube channel and plenty of blog posts will follow so what question do you have about oil burners? Let us know in the comments and we will answer it in a new blog post. 


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Monte Luxe

Hi guys! I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for this article! You literally just helped me put out my oil burner fire before it got out of control! Eternally grateful.
I’m adding, liking and sharing you right now!

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