Deadly lake extremely hot and dangerous

Deadliest Lakes in The World (Video)

1. Lake Kivu - Republic of Congo, Africa

If there is any type of volcanic activity, even the lightest of earthquakes can cause the lake to explode killing millions of people nearby. The explosions occur due to high levels of carbon dioxide and methane in the water.

2. Lake Nyos - Cameroon Africa

Concentrated carbon dioxide took the lives of 1,746 people and animal livestock living in a nearby village. The gas travelled through the water in high concentrations killing people and animals on the spot. If the concentration remains under 15% it would cause a person to become briefly unconscious. This is one of the most dangerous volcanic lakes in the world.

3. Lake Natron - Tanzania Africa

Red Water lake with an extremely high ph so high in alkalinity that it can calcify animals and humans into stone. It has the capabilities to burn skin and eyes. Despite its danger to most animals and birds, it happens to be a breeding ground for flamingos as they breed on the salty caustic water.

4. Lake Michigan - USA

This beautiful lake is wonderful to look at, but when you get in, it is known for its spontaneous currents that can carry people far from the shore.

5. Boiling Lake - Dominica

As the name suggests, this lake is boiling hot. The temperature of the water is 92°C. It's forbidden to swim in the lake as it can boil you alive. The lake is positioned in a volcano crater which is why the water is constantly heated.


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