gajar halwa recipe

This recipe takes time and perseverance, but in the end, you will have a wonderful flavoursome dessert that you will never forget. The flavour of this dish is fruity, nutty and sweet, and it can be served hot or cold. Gajar halwa is a rare dessert and has many names; it is known as gajorer halua, gajrela, gajar pak.

This recipe is well known in India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh but sold in English stores down the dessert aisle. This dish serves six up to six, but as it takes a while to make, you may want to double up the ingredients, so you have more to go around.

Gajar halwa is loaded with lots of protein, vitamin A, B1, B12, D, and B2 also contains potassium, magnesium and calcium due to the milk. Ghee is packed with antioxidants and amino acids.  


  • Fresh carrots scrubbed and finely grated (500g)
  • Milk (1 litre)
  • Sugar (150g)
  • Ghee (4 tbsp)
  • Rosewater essence (few drops)
  • Ground cardamom (1 tsp)
  • Almond (25g) pistachio (25g) raisins (25g)
  • Dried dates (4)


Place finely grated carrot into a pan with the milk and cook over medium heat until dry and thick. It will take around 1 hour and a half. Stir all the time and observe, so it does not burn. When you can pull the mixture away from the pan easily, it is ready. 

Add the sugar and stir until dissolved and absorbed. It will go runny again when you add the sugar, so expect to spend another 20 minutes on this. Add 4tbsp of pure ghee and fry until it goes a pleasant dark orange-brown colour. 

Mix in the rosewater and ground cardamon, leave to set in a shallow greased baking tin or a large plate overnight in the fridge. Cut into squares and decorate with fruits and nuts. You will need to soak the dates in cold water first. Serve and enjoy.


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