stoneground rice flour

Rice flour is a great versatile ingredient, in doughs it can give a crunchiness, it can be used to make noodles, pancakes, thicken stews, soups, but can also be used as a gluten-free alternative to wheat flour to make cakes, and biscuits. It's used in many brands of healthier crisps. With that being said it can be a difficult ingredient to find in conventional shops. Luckily though, making rice flour is easy. Rice flour is soft and is used when making Akki Roti and many other Indian dishes. Rice flour can be used to make flatbread doughs, and batters.

Rice type

Whilst you can make rice flour from most white rice grains, short grain rice is the best. You should also avoid using basmati rice.

Rice to flour process

To make your own rice flour simply grind uncooked rice grains until it becomes a powder. You can grind it using traditional techniques with a grinding stone, but you can also use a mill or blender. It's also worth noting that if you don’t fancy making your own rice flour, you can buy rice flour online.

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