tuning coconut thumb piano

So, you’ve decided to buy your first ever kalimba but it’s arrived untuned- a bit of a nightmare right? Luckily for you, I’ve created a short guide to show you how to tune your new kalimba. Firstly, it’s important to note that you can tune your kalimba with your hand, although a tuning hammer will certainly help with the process. Here’s how you can get started. 

Begin by downloading an app named ‘Tuner Pitched’ which is simply a tuner that will guide you through this process. Then decide what tuning you want for your kalimba. You can then begin the process of tuning. First, play the first tine close to your tuner pitched app.

tuner pitched kalimba tuning app

This will pick up the audio and allow you to make adaptations if required. when playing your tine, you can see what it is tuned to. If you need to make a change, simply push (or wiggle) the tine further into the instrument and check for the tune again.

Although this process can be a little fiddly at first, you’ll soon come to grips with it. You will need to keep bringing the tine further in and out to find the right notes. The more you complete this process, the easier it will become. You will also begin to recognise the right position for each tine. 

Although the process can be completed using your hand, it can be a little painful for those with softer hands or after tuning for a longer period of time. This is why I always recommend using a tuning hammer if possible. These often come with your kalimba, but can also be found online at a very affordable price! Here is a video just in case you would like to see the tuning process.


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