Indian mandala style backpacks

Leading brands or eco-friendly backpacks?

When I started college I needed a bag, upon doing a quick google search for the word backpack, I quickly discovered that the top results showed bags that I felt not only were not the right style for me but were also very expensive ranging from £39 - £69.

After looking around many times, I eventually came across one that I liked, it was an Indian backpack that was made in Nepal by hand using fabrics, delicately creating each unique item, not something that is mass-produced by leading manufacturers from a factory.

When I finished college and created my own company, I looked at my old bag and thought wow, we could find a backpacks supplier and start our own range that was much cheaper - from £14.99, with free-post, suitable for kids, men and women, offering better value to our customers and without the use of plastic, we had our mission in mind.  

What type of Indian bag do we sell?

We sell many types including those that are suitable for school lunches, for a laptop, travelling, going shopping, riding a motorcycle, crossbody, over the shoulder, duffel, and others all in assorted colours.

Our most popular cultural bags

1. Peacock mandala

Peacock Mandala cotton bag

This stunning Indian peacock duffel bag is made from cotton, you can really get lost in the design as your eyes are drawn to the centre. An extremely colourful bag that has been given a serious amount of time to make, made using only offcuts of the finest fabrics in India.

 2. Elephant tree

tree of life bag
Rainbow coloured Indian elephant standing in front of the famous tree of life symbolising a fresh start on life, positive energy, and good health. 

 3. Student satchel

student shoulder satchel
Across the body satchel that is made from Geri cotton, in a classic vertical stripey fashion. Unisex and most suitable for school, college or university, as it can hold your workbooks!

  4. Collapsible rucksack

collapsible rucksack

This bag collapses down and is perfect for fitting into a suitcase for use when travelling, featuring a horizontal striped design in assorted colours. It's really delightful to have!

 5. Patchwork gym bag

patchwork gym bag

Made from offcuts of bedspread fabrics, featuring a drawstring closure. Perfect for stuffing with gym-ware (towel, shorts, deodorant etc), and closing. 

 6. Multipurpose bag

multipurpose bag

Bold colour, with a geometric diamond pattern, suitable as a bike bag, for exploring, or to use at the gym, quite large with a lot of storage space.

 7. Tree-of-life

Tree of life duffel bag

This stunning tree of life duffel bag has is extremely unique, and to me resembles peace, comfort and security.

8. Om symbol

om symbol
The Om symbol is a sacred sound that is known as the sound of the universe. The essence of ultimate reality, and unifies everything.


I hope that you found this guide useful, feel free to check our entire bag collection.

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