handmade tencel tea towels by Agnes LDN

Sophie started Agnes LDN back in 2018 after trying to transition to a plastic-free lifestyle myself. Up until August 2019, this was just a passion project and she was still working full time. 

Owner of Agnes LDN - Sophie

Her products are designed to reduce the need for single-use plastic. Sourcing quality fabrics and sustainable ones such as Tencel, linen, and organic cotton.

She works with fashion brands using up their offcuts and tries to upcycle fabrics as much as possible. The business is about more than just the products though. A lot of time is dedicated to helping and inspiring people so that they can live a sustainable lifestyle. 

Through a podcast, she shares the stories of other small sustainable brands and issues surrounding the environment and also hosts events throughout the year bringing together a panel of experts to discuss particular topics. 

Sophie hosts upcycling workshops, teaching people how to sew and turn their unwanted garments into something new and useful. Agnes recently launched a youtube channel to help build on this by sharing sewing and DIY videos. 

Agnes LDN sustainability & Inspirations

Living a sustainable life and caring about the environment is so much more than just tackling one issue such as single-use plastic. Sophie tries to reflect this through her brand and share as much as one person can. She is inspired by everyday life and the goal to make sustainable living as accessible as possible.

On social media, she follows a range of creative people; from potters, and basket weavers to illustrators who are always inspirational. She believes that the very goal of reducing waste causes you to get creative, whether that's finding innovative ways to use up fabric scraps or finding new ways to use up leftover food in the kitchen.

When it comes to making, she says: “I start with an idea for a product. Then I either look around fabric shops or use up old materials. After creating the first sample or prototype. I then trial that product for a few months myself to make sure it works and is up to the standard. Then I make 1 or 2 more and add it to my web store. All my products are handmade to order so hopefully I never have the issue of excess unwanted stock.”

Agnes LDN photo collage

As the business grows Sophie wants Agnes LDN to be a brand that leads by example and constantly puts planet and people first.

She currently works on the business alone but is excited to bring other people on board. Agnes is committed to being able to give back more as well, in 2019, thirty trees were planted through sales of their scrunchies made from scraps, and this year she is aiming to hit 100. Help her reach her goal by supporting her business.


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