What to expect from your newborn

Congratulations, You’re a parent! How exciting. Well, it’s pretty scary if you ask the majority of new mums and dads. The first week is so so surreal especially if you get to bring home your bundle of joy straight away! what to expect from a baby in the first few weeks?

Really in the simplest form, don’t expect anything other than making bottles, sleeping when their not drinking or pooping or burping. Newborns are a dream! Well, that’s if you get any sleep in the first week haha. Some people’s newborns may be great sleepers but most do wake every 2-3 or maybe 4 for a feed or cuddle or nappy change.

Having a newborn can be very daunting at first then your used to sleeping at least a good 8 hours at night and having no responsibilities other than your own personal lifestyle. But it all changes when that gorgeous little human being is brought into your lives. In the first few weeks just give your baby plenty of snuggles, keep them close to your skin as it can be very weird for newborns not being in the womb as you would expect it is dark, noise is muffled and now they are fully exposed to the world keep them safe and close to your heart.

Your Baby At 6 Weeks Old

What to expect from the doctor’s checkup?

At the 6-week mark, you will expect to be going for your doctor’s check-up. This will be for both mother and baby. The doctor will check your baby’s hips, leg joints, check for any signs of rash/irritation anywhere. Checking eye movements, reflexes to check everything is within normal development. It is common to be asked if they are cooing/gurgling/smiling/laughing etc.

You will be asked how you are feeling in mental health, do be honest and speak up if there is anything at all bothering you, they’re there to help and not judge you, it is completely normal to not feel 100% as a new mum, it can be a lonely time especially if your partner has gone to work most days and your left alone with baby.  You may expect to have babies hearing tested if not already done at the hospital if you have any concerns in your baby well being and health do not hesitate to tell your general practitioner as they can advise further.

Tips to develop your baby

At around 6-8 weeks your baby will start to be awake more in the day, if not don’t worry they are all different! Tummy time is key at this time, it strengthens their neck muscles, it helps them learn to push up with their arms, lay a soft blanket on the floor (or another safe place) and place some toys around the baby.

Give them plenty of encouragement as they will sometimes feel distressed, don’t do it if they’re due a bottle or have just had one, avoid doing it when they’re tired as it will just not be a nice experience for you both! Black and white toys help baby develop through senses in their eyesight, most babies are only able to see black, white, red and yellow as they are bright/bold colours so using toys and books this colour will help them and they will be able to see a little better than other colours.

Have a stroll/walk, babies love the outside, even if they’re asleep the whole time! It is great for you both to get some fresh air. Taking them in the sling/carrier is a lovely idea as your bonding at the same time as getting clean fresh air and excessive. The sounds of the birds, buses, cars, people help develop babies’ senses of hearing so make sure they always get out at least once a day!

Bond with your baby, even at 6 weeks it is still important for regular skin to skin. Especially if you are breastfeeding, taking baths together, plenty of cuddles and most of all talking to them! They start to coo at this age and may even smile so get the camera at the ready as this is one of the most fun times! It will make you well up big time!

The 6-week growth spurt

Yes, that’s right, you heard it! Your baby will be hungry. They will probably grow out of their first size baby suits now. So it’s time to open up a new pair. They will demand more milk as their little brains are working harder. So get that milk in! If you are breastfeeding expect cluster feeding around now.

They also may want to be sleeping more often as growing is hard work. 6 Weeks is a favourite development time they start to coo at me.  My heart melted it made me not want to put her down. The pure love you get just from a little person and their smile! Ahh, those days I will cherish forever.

Talking to her was just heaven, she smiled, she gurgled, she cooed, she was just perfection. Enjoy every moment with your precious ones. Because before you know it they’re a teenager or Threenager (three-year-old acting like a teenager) like I’ve got now. That talks back to me like a proper teenager yet she’s got another 10 years haha.

Breast feeding essentials to help you.

Breast Milk Storage Bag Pouches (50 Pack)

milk bags

To use, simply express the breast milk using your lansinoh breast pump, whilst the bag is connected to the pump the milk will drip directly into the bag you will find at the start of breast feeding you will produce so much milk so keep these pouches everywere, if you have decided to not breast feed but would still like to give your baby breast milk this is the perfect soloution you can pour the milk directly into a sterilizes bottle. 

These amazing bags come with a ziploc which is a double zipper for a super secure seal ensuring your breast milk will be safe and secure in the fridge or freezer. They are also BPA Free meaning your breast milk will be kept safe and clean without harmful plastics getting in which you dont want going into your babies body. 

Unfortunately breast milk storage bags are not reusable as they are previously pre-sterilised. However you can buy many many ziplock breast milk storage bags in bulk for cheap online.

Do they expire? 

Breast milk can last up to 6 months in a home freezer but after this it will expire and will need chucking away. Otherwise you could potentially harm your baby with gone off breast milk. Also if your freezer is to break down you will need to make sure the milk is consumed or chucked away within a few days to avoid unwanted bacteria growth. 

How to thaw breast milk?

To thaw breast milk simply put the pouch of expressed milk into your fridge and within 12 hours it will be fully thawed and read for baby to drink. Or if it is a warm day it can be left out near a window for a few hours. 

Medela Single Electric Breast Pump

breast pump

Every woman after giving birth begins to produce breast milk. This is the best liquid to give your newborn other than formula milk. Electric breast pumps are the best pumps to help you get the best start in breastfeeding. This medela breast pump is an award-winning pump in being comfortable and very easy to use. Nobody wants a large battery breast pump that they cannot use out in public places. But this one is the smallest and lightest electrical pump made yet. This means you can store in your handbag and take it anywhere with you.

The swing breast pump can be powered by mains or used with batteries. This is to ensure flexibility for use at home or on the go! It pumps in the same motion that a newborn baby does. So that you can get more and more milk out faster. Meaning that it pumps more breast milk in one sitting. The electric breast pump can fit in just one hand, you can also switch between two phases and vacuum levels depending on how fast you need your breast milk.

I found this breast pump extremely helpful as I was having some difficulties with latching my daughter on the breast, I used this pump to collect my milk so she could drink that from a bottle instead. Breast milk in my opinion and many others is the best drink for your baby having all of the antibodies and nutrients that are ideal for your little one. If you had your baby prematurely the hospital will recommend you use these pumps in the breastfeeding section to get breast milk for your baby, they would much prefer that you give them your milk instead of formula as breast milk will give them the best start and help them grow at a good pace.

Women’s Maternity Nursing Bra

breast feeding bras

This nursing bra guarantees safety, support and comfort. The style of the bra keeps you feeling sophisticated and elegant and of course sexy, as well as being able to feed your newborn happily and with ease. These bras are properly adjustable to add support on your shoulders and adjustable back strap to accommodate to your fluctuating breasts casing relief of your back. Being 80% cotton making it more breathable to avoid too much unwanted sweating. They are suitable for pregnancy as your breast grow and become fuller, nursing and postpartum.

This breastfeeding bra set comes with 12 washable reusable breast pads that are 100% leak proof. These breast pads are eco-friendly as one-time-use ones end up going into landfill and in turn not helping anyone environmentally. These bras are commonly used for sleeping for extra comfort and support and easily accessible during the night to feed your baby. It also comes with a washable laundry bag to fill and wash the breast pads for complete cleanliness. Racerback straps offer more support for your neck, back and shoulders as you feed your baby regularly.

Breastfeeding bras are a dream! I found them so helpful, especially being out and about with your newborn and being new to breastfeeding. Nursing bras offer you discrete feeding out in public so you feel comfortable to give your baby a feed at any time they want. This bra, in particular, offers you great support, breathable fabric and they look beautiful on. They support your ever-growing bust during your breastfeeding time. No one wants to feel over exposed, with this bra you can unclip the breast side that you require whilst the other is covered, and when you need to you can just pop the breast back away using the bra clip.

Grey Feeding Pillow

breast feeding pillow


This baby breastfeeding nursing pillow is available in a range of different colours and designs. Our breastfeeding pillow is perfect for feeding time with your baby. Made using a 100% cotton cover. Our nursing pillow is specially designed for comfort for you and your baby whether you are breastfeeding or taking a rest. For most new mothers, breastfeeding is a crucial aspect of your baby’s early development. It is a process that takes time to master. Our pillow can help both you and your baby during this process. Whilst ensuring that you are both as comfortable as possible.

Additionally, to make things easier for you. Our 100% cotton cover can be removed for ease of cleaning. Breastfeeding can at times, be a messy experience, often getting your clothes messy. Instead, your pillow can take any mess then its cover can simply be washed to allow for an easy experience. The Pillow is used from the moment your baby starts breastfeeding. With its high-quality materials lasting until you have stopped breastfeeding your baby. Making it a fantastic investment for your baby’s early years.

Is a feeding pillow essential?

The pillow itself is not essential for breastfeeding. However, it can make the whole process better for you and your baby. Being simple and easy to use, it can provide comfort for your baby. Whilst also allowing you to rest should you feel tired at any point, after all, raising a baby is a tiring experience.

One benefit of using a pillow is that it securely holds your baby in a comfortable position. This provides some relief from reflux and allows your baby to remain comfortable throughout the feeding session. Another benefit is that it improves the strength of your baby’s muscles. Over time, your baby will become stronger and use their own muscles to hold themselves up. Using a pillow provides a perfect foundation for this development.


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