Nick Dache Kalimba Sample Song (Challenge)

Singer-songwriter Nick Dache took on the challenge of creating a full song using a kalimba sample, despite having limited experience as a producer. With seven years of songwriting experience and proficiency in piano and guitar, he connected the kalimba sample to his midi keyboard and experimented with the production process. Join us as we follow Nick on his journey into the unknown, exploring his thoughts, struggles, and triumphs in crafting a masterpiece out of a single sound.

Setting the Stage

Nick kicks off the challenge by introducing himself and the daunting task at hand. Armed with only a kalimba, he approaches the project with a blend of excitement and uncertainty. Having a background in music composition since 2016, Nick admits to being less of a producer, making this challenge an intriguing opportunity.

Exploration of Sound

With the kalimba sample loaded into the sampler, Nick begins his exploration. He immediately senses the complexity of the instrument, noting the challenge of harmonizing due to its rich overtones. Undeterred, he decides to focus on a rhythmic pattern, steering away from traditional harmony. The creative process unfolds with experimentation, including the incorporation of crackling sounds for added texture.

Producing the Foundation

Nick goes into the composition, working on a basic bass line and experimenting with different patterns. The process involves trial and error, as he discovers what works and what doesn't. The challenge takes an unexpected turn when Nick decides to switch the time signature to 6-8, adding a unique dimension to the composition.

Layering and Experimentation

As the composition progresses, Nick introduces elements like reverb and synthesizers, layering the sound to create a more immersive experience. The addition of atmospheric effects and unconventional techniques showcases his willingness to push boundaries and think outside the box.

Evolution of the Song

Taking breaks and returning with fresh ears, Nick reflects on the evolving composition. The track transitions from a danceable, club-like setting to a softer, more intimate tone. The contrast highlights Nick's versatility and willingness to explore different musical realms. The creative journey takes unexpected twists, with the kalimba serving as a versatile tool.

Final Touches and Reflection

After re-recording vocals and refining the composition, Nick enters the final stage of the challenge. He emphasizes the importance of taking a step back and revisiting the song after a break, allowing for a more objective evaluation. The completion of the song becomes a moment of pride and satisfaction for Nick, showcasing his resilience and creativity throughout the process.

Nick Dache's kalimba challenge showcases the limitless possibilities within the world of music creation. His willingness to step out of his comfort zone, experiment with unconventional sounds, and navigate the creative process offers valuable insights for aspiring musicians. As we listen to the final composition, we appreciate the sonic adventure Nick has crafted—a unique blend of innovation, emotion, and musical exploration.

Thank you Nick for sharing your creative journey with us! If you're curious to explore more of Nick's music, you can find him on Instagram and various platforms under the name Nick Dache. Keep an eye out for more challenges and musical adventures from this talented artist. 

Making A Song With Kalimba Sample (Video)

The video documents the entire creative journey, from planning and recording to song arrangement and the application of various effects such as EQ, compression, reverb, auto-tune, and automation. After two days of work, Nick recorded vocals for the track, titled "The Way Things Were Supposed to Be." The video is a condensed 15-minute highlight reel edited from hours of raw footage, showcasing the collaborative effort and the creation of this musical masterpiece. We enjoyed working with Nick and hope for future collaborations.

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