Matsu Guiro (Sound Demonstration)

Matsu Guiro (Video) 

The Matsu Guiro is a percussion instrument with origins in Latin American and Caribbean music traditions. It belongs to the category of idiophones, which are instruments that produce sound primarily by vibrating themselves. The Matsu Guiro is specifically classified as a "scraper" instrument.

The Matsu Guiro consists of a hollow, elongated body, made of wood, with ridges or grooves carved into its surface. These ridges are essential for producing sound when the instrument is played. Included with a scraper, it is used to rub against the ridges, creating rhythmic patterns and percussive sounds.



Where to buy the Matsu Guiro?

Matsu Guiro with Scraper

There are many things we love about the Matsu Guiro, it's natural, it's eco-friendly, and hand crafted. The Matsu Guiro's distinctive sound is characterized by its raspy or scraping quality, which adds texture and depth to musical compositions. Skilled musicians can produce a variety of sounds and effects by adjusting the speed, pressure, and angle of the scraper against the ridges of the instrument. You can purchase the Matsu Guiro here.

Sound demo

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