Triple Agogo Guiro Tone Block (Sound Demonstration)

Triple Agogo Guiro Tone Block (Video) 

Crafted from beautiful and sustainable tone wood, the Triple Agogo Guiro Tone Block is a versatile percussion instrument. When using it, simply hold the agogo by the handle and beat the bells with the provided beater. Depending on your technique, it also produces a guiro sound, achieved by either beating or scraping. With two blocks of different sizes, each producing varying tones, it's a dynamic addition to any musician's percussion set. Plus, it comes with a beater for your convenience!

Where to buy the Triple Agogo Guiro Tone Block?

Triple Agogo Guiro Tone Block

There are many things we love about the Triple Agogo Guiro Tone Block, it's natural, it's eco-friendly, and hand crafted. It produces a sound that is lively and rhythmic, making it a versatile addition to percussion ensembles and musical compositions. You can purchase the Triple Agogo Guiro Tone Block here.

Sound demo

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