Most people understand when something is considered to be a low pitch or high pitched sound but in many cases it is hard to define exactly how high a pitch is. Whilst every persons perception of pitch does vary, we have created this guideline to provide clarity on our musical instruments and their predominant pitches. For simplicity we have arranged the instruments in three pitches, these are low pitch, high pitch and medium range. The guideline will be using the dominant frequency range of an instrument to determine the pitch. Understanding the pitch of the instrument can help guide you on which characteristics you would desire but more specifically musicians and producers can use this information to improve their songs and mixes by focussing on improving the frequency range of their music.

Low Pitch - Below 100Hz

A low pitch is considered have a lot of bass notes and is heavy by nature. Instruments that have a low pitch means that the dominant frequency range is below 100hz. An example of some instruments that belong in the low end include; Double Bass. Bass drum, Tuba, Contrabassoon, Baritone Saxophone, Bass Trombone, Subcontrabass Saxophone, Contrabass Clarinet, Didgeridoo

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Medium Range - Between 100Hz -2kHZ

If you are looking for something that is not too harsh and is not too bassy then you have arrived at the middle. The medium range will be when the dominant frequency range is somewhere between 100 hertz and 2,000 hertz. Instruments in this range have the body of the song and usually provide the backbone of the music. If the middle of a song is weak then the mix falls apart. Musical instruments that belong in the medium range include; Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Electric Guitar, Violin and vocals.

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High Pitch - Above 2Khz

A high pitch can be harsh or sweet on the ears and has a lot of harmonics. High pitch musical instruments typically have a dominant frequency range that is above 2kHz (also known as 2,000 hertz) - Some instruments that occupy the high end include; The Piccolo, Triangle, Soprano Saxophone: Celesta, Glockenspiel and Xylophone.

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