When I was younger, I always wanted to be a mum. I used to babysit up until my teens, I then went and studied childcare at college, and have worked in nurseries, with special needs, and even ended up getting clients who I would regularly offer my services too.

As a mummy to two, I have experienced a lot of challenges. I feel that we all could do with some help. Out of all the jobs that I have done, being a parent is, in my opinion, the most difficult.

The issues that we face on a day to day basis can come from preparing meals, activities, making sure our children develop well, answering all of the questions that they have about the world, and overall the energy that is required to keep on going.

As I said, we have experienced a lot on our journey. Which is why we want to share our knowledge with you all. Continue to learn from others, and help everyone that seeks help along the way through education. Try to improve every person’s overall wellbeing. We are inspired to create a positive change within the world that we all share.

My mission is to support parents, offering tips for mums, and dads via my blog articles. I used to have a parenting blog but partnered with Carved Culture to reach a wider audience and provide more value to you. I am the co-founder of Carved Culture and mother to two! My job is to continue to empower parents through advice.

We have featured and community posts available that cover many topics, that are pregnancy related, buying guides which involve helping you decide on what buggy to buy, car seats, as well as general parental advice, covering milestones from bean to bump, baby to teen, what to expect, sterilizing baby bottles, and many other questions that you may have as a parent.