Natural Fibre Corn Husk Rug 120x180cm - Carved Culture

Natural Fibre Corn Husk Rug 120x180cm

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A 100% natural woven textured fiber area rug that has been made from corn husk leaf and water hyacinth in simple colors. This was handmade in Vietnam by skilled artists who have made it from basic materials, creating something that is eco-friendly and also an extremely beautiful piece for your home, we have these in our living room and I love to sit on it whilst reading a new book! The size is approx. 120cm x 180cms however we do have these in rectangle and circle shapes. 

Corn husk is the outer shell of the sweetcorn plant when the cobs have grown and are ready to be harvested, the green peel is usually thrown away. However skilled artists are making great use of this material and are leaving the husks in the sun to completely dry and turn brown. Once ready they are able to weave them together by hand creating something that instead of just ending up in the bin as waste can be made into something beautiful like a rug that actually becomes the centrepiece of a room.

Key Features:

  • Eco-Friendly 
  • Made From Corn Husk & Hyacinth
  • Handmade
  • From Vietnam (Fair Trade)
  • Perfect Gift