5 Large Worry Dolls (Boxed) - Carved Culture
5 Large Worry Dolls (Boxed) - Carved Culture

5 Large Worry Dolls (Boxed)

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These larger style worry dolls are perfect for helping with those more troublesome worries! Each selection of large worry dolls come in a charmingly decorated box. In the highland villages of Guatemala, a tradition exists where every time you feel anxious or worried you tell your problems to a little worry doll and leave him or her under your pillow to take your problems away. By morning your mind will be clear and your worries are gone! Each person Approx: 6cm, contains 5 people per box, origin: Guatemala - They are in general - a great kids toy being suitable for supporting imaginative play.

 Key features:

  • Contains 5 Worry Dolls
  • Each Doll is Approx 6cm Tall
  • Decorative Box
  • Varied Colors

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