Rustic Cowbell Windchime


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A festoon of 6 bells decorated with red and yellow beads, another quality large windchime that originates from India hanging approximately 60cm. Perfect for your garden, adding a stylish decor to your home as well as the beautiful calming sounds that it will bring you as it shudders in the wind! 

These round recycled metal brass cowbells have a rustic nature that has a unique design depicted on them. This one was made using great materials, a windchime works by making a sound effect in the wind, the small strips of metal inside each bell is moved as the wind blows causing it to hit the inner centre of the bell. Many people are unsure of where you can place a wind chime and believe that they can only be outside however, there are so many places that you could put one! I have a wind chime hanging on my window handle and when the window is open it causes the sweet soothing noise! Whilst this sounds counter-intuitive, it allows for more control for when I want to hear it! 


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