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Are you interested in a unique instrument that will make you stand out from the crowd? Then a handpan may be the product for you. A handpan is a member of a new group of instruments discovered in early 2007. It was developed as an alternative of the musical instrument, the hang drum, developed in the year 2000. The handpan brings about a whole new sound in itself, different from the sounds of any other instrument on the market, both classical and modern.

All of our handpans are forged using only the highest quality European steel in order to create only the best sounds from the instrument. Using a refined shape, determined by many years of research, all of our pans are completely unique in their own way. With only 300 producers worldwide, each handpan that is produced is exquisite in both its design and the way that it sounds. Each of our handpans creates its own unique sound that simply cannot be copied by any other instrument in the world.

All of our pans come with their very own metal protectors, designed to fit perfectly around the pan in order to provide the highest quality protection possible. Our handpans come with an additional padded carrier case. This makes the transportation of your handpan a simple and easy process, one in which you won’t have to worry about your pan being damaged in any way. What are you waiting for? Get your very own unique handpan today! This A scale has the following progression: A, C, D, Bb, G, E, D, F, A

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