Buddha Footprint Artisan Bowl no.143


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This bowl is a top quality, hand beaten singing bowl that has been stunningly decorated with Buddha's footprint motif in the base of the interior. Exquisitely detailed leaf and meditation chakra patterns featured on the outside. This very special bowl has a terrific, rich sound. It is unique and is perfect as a centerpiece to a collection. Approx: 3150g. It comes from a workshop in India, Nepal.

This is made in a similar way to a Tibetan singing bowl, featuring buddha footprints in its centre. It is multi-purpose with many uses. It can be used for meditation, the sound effect has also been known to help reduce stress and can also be beneficial for headaches. Which singing bowl to buy? Look no further than this one if you want a real high-quality bowl that provides real value. Common questions asked about the singing bowls are:

How does it work? What is it used for? How to use it?

Let me straight up tell you that there are many ways to play a singing bowl. You can either strike the side of it which will let out a resonance throughout the metal or a more traditional way to play it would be to carefully rub the rim on the outside of the bowl to create a build-up ringing sound.

if this doesnt work, you may need to work further on your skill as any instrument can require practice. As well as being good for the likes of self-care, increasing your health. It also has made its place in more modernised music, it has worked its way into digital emulators such as the VST, but those do not compare to the real thing. There are many resources on the likes of Youtube that can show you the full capabilities of this wonderful singing bowl.

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