Starburst Soapstone Pestle & Mortar

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A pestle and mortar, made from carved soapstone which is used in the kitchen for crushing herbs, spices, making marinades and even sauces such as pesto. These have been used since the ancient times used to make fine grounded down powder for medicine, pharmacy, and laboratory. The heavy-weight base gives you the stability needed during the use of the product. 

This product is also very easy to clean, just rinse out, hand wash (don't leave in water) and air dry or if needed use a dry dishcloth. It is not recommended to use in dishwashers as the material its made from is delicate. Approximate sizes - Height 9.5cm, diameter approx 9cm, handmade in India, each item is unique and will vary. Design choices include Flower & Leaf, Leaf, and Starburst

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