Soapstone Oil Burner - Carved Culture

Soapstone Oil Burner

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Made of natural soapstone and intricately hand carved with an elephant motif. Place a tea light candle in the base and fill the top dish with oil and water to disperse into the air for an aroma. We recommend using only essential oils, doing this you will get many health benefits all depending on the oil you choose! Other colours and designs are available such as floral, tree of life, and elephant. Our soapstone is made in Agra, in a part of India famous for handcrafted stoneware as illustrated centuries ago by the intricate stonework on the Taj Mahal. The craft techniques for making this beautiful soapstone product has been passed down from generations, from India


  • Intricate elephant carving
  • Tea light chamber and oil bowl
  • Great for use with relaxing scents
  • Handmade and Fair Trade

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