Coconut Fibre Coir Door Mat 40cm x 70cm - Carved Culture

Coconut Fibre Coir Door Mat 40cm x 70cm

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Providing your guests a place to wipe their mucky shoes to stop it going on the carpet, but not like any other, made using natural coconut fiber coir, this doormat features the words 'Follow the rainbow' - what a positive affirmation! This is very colorful, welcoming and more eco-friendly than most of what is on offer! Size is approximately 40cm x 70cm. This is likely to brighten up your doorway, making you feel much happier each time you get home! It has a luscious blue border with white polka dots and a mix of stunning hues. Colors include green purple yellow, reds and browns.

A doormat is a must if you want to keep your carpet in good condition, especially considering that some people forget to take their shoes off. However, everyone brushes their shoes when they see a doormat, it is an instant reminder to clean mud from their shoes or it sends a message ("This person wants guests to take their shoes off by the front door".)

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