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Student Cross Body Bag

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This bold stripey crossbody bag is available in various colors and designs. Other variations include black and white, hues of blues, etc. These bags are simply perfect for festivals, for when studying at university, school, or college. They are even awesome for a grand day out, to the beach! They have plenty of room inside for a small picnic or for some books, why not study in style? These bags are a suitable gift for men and women as the colors are very neutral. Each one is handmade in Nepal, India with beautiful Geri cotton fabric, featuring a simplistic button latch and a stylish zip to the front which is perfect for storing a wallet, purse or other small trinkets.

What is gheri cotton fabric?

Gheri fabric is a sturdy woven fabric called Gheri, this is produced using an age - old weaving technique on backstrap looms.