Professional Guitar Capo


Colour: Graphite Black
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A capo is a tool that is used with a ukulele, acoustic or electric guitar. Its job is to hold down the set of strings at a specific fret which enables you to play your instrument in a certain key. Any mainstream or professional guitarist would have a capo in their home.

In regards to capos, this one, in particular, is universal, meaning that it will fit on most stringed instruments. You can also enjoy the quick-release trigger that allows you to quickly remove it when you would like.

I would recommend for any musician to have one of these. We have a variety of colours such as black, blue, red, silver, green and gold. These are the best capos, and because of the varying colours, you can get one that matches your guitar. Alternatively, you could go for one that is slightly opposite so that you can complement the colours in a primary and secondary colourway.

These capos are lightweight and portable but don't let that fool you. They also have a solid aluminium construction with padding on the reverse handle which is designed to protect your hands when squeezing the device to apply it to your guitar. The curved rubber padding is suitable for curved and straight flat fretboards.

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