Indian Wooden Cat Coasters Set [6 Piece] - Carved Culture

Indian Wooden Cat Coasters Set [6 Piece]

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These lovely cat-shaped coasters are ideal for serving delicious drinks on at your next tea party or cocktail shindig. It comes as a set of six coasters in a box. Origin: India. This product will likely vary from the picture shown. Most of our goods are handmade and as such a slight natural variation should be expected. We believe it is better to have a unique product than mass conformity.


  • Cat shaped coasters
  • Distressed white finish
  • Set of 6 in box
  • Handmade and Fair Trade from India

I personally love cats, I grew up with them around me and love many things about them. They're so independent requiring less hard work, plus they give you so much love. It seems as though they can sense when you are feeling down, and jump up on your lap for a good cuddle. Cats quickly become a member of the family and become loved by everyone.