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Scent: Fresh Ocean
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Made in Japan, the Fresh Ocean Authentic Japanese Incense is a high quality organic Japanese incense which is believed to calm the mind with refreshing images of the sea! With a very smart gift box decorated with rabbits or usagi which in Japan are frequently given as a gift because they symbolise good luck!

The Fresh Lotus Authentic Japanese Incense is complete with a gift box decorated with images of frogs which are popular in Japanese culture because the frog or kaeru is believed to stop you from losing money and will return lost money to you! It contains 50 x 15cm long incense sticks which take 25-30 minutes to burn. Size: 16 x 4cm / 6.5 x 1.5 inches. We have two main scents, these are ocean and lotus. 

The morning mist incense comes with 30 sticks, and comes in a wooden box with japanese symbols on the front. Each one burns for around 15 minutes, this authentic japanese made gift has scents of sandalwood, oak moss and lily of the valley. However the scent reminds me of green tea with some sweet elements mixed in with a touch of freshness from nature. Imagine fruity flowers, fresh air from a forest, and a relaxing running resevoir. 


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