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Learn 100s of Songs with Bite-Sized Lessons from Carved Culture. Get a Kalimba 20% Off with this purchase. Play the kalimba with online video lessons, practice basic chords & learn popular songs.

- Watch, play & learn

Watch and rewatch video lessons. Multiple camera angles help you watch, learn and perfect your technique.

- Learn to play Kalimba anywhere

Affordable. Portable. Perfect for beginners, with in-depth curriculum to teach you skills, strum patterns and over 80 chords.

- Customise your lesson plan

This course will get you started quickly with bite-sized tutorials designed specifically for kalimba.

- Play and sing

Sing along while you pluck. Learn how to coordinate rhythm and melody as you sing along to the tab that you’re playing. 

- Learn kalimba at your own pace

Learn kalimba as fast or slow as you want. Online progress tracking helps you stay motivated and see how far you’ve come.

- Meet your instructor - Ryan Bomzer

Ryan is a musician living in East Sussex. He has been playing music since he was fourteen years old, and has spent the last couple of years mastering the kalimba thumb piano.

- Find your kalimba

Our portable and easy-to-play Indonesian thumb pianos is perfect for beginners or if you'd prefer you can jump right in with a 17 note!

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