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Peacock Stool

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small acacia wood stool, handmade, carved and painted in Thailand. Features a vibrant peacock with beautiful feather detailing. These cheeky little items are very versatile making great stools for little bums or as tiny tables to add accent to your home. They can also be very useful as a step for those hard to reach high up shelves or even just to put your feet up on, and due to their small form are easy to store. They are so nice they should not be used as a naughty step. Please remember each item is handmade so natural variation will occur this should be seen as an asset and not a fault.

We recommend cleaning with a dry cloth as this product has a natural wax finish to protect the wood. If you want to polish up we suggest a natural beeswax polish. Care should be taken to avoid silicone based aerosol polishes as these will damage the finish, approx: 26cm ∅ × 25cm, origin: Thailand

  • Handmade acacia wood stool
  • Useful as a step or footstool
  • Sustainable wood source
  • Handmade and Fair Trade