Mandala Design Pink Armchair


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A wonderfully crafted traditionally shaped armchair, with winged arms and turned legs. A pink and grey mandala themed design gives a modern twist to a classic. This is much more than just a chair; it is also a luxurious statement piece of furniture that would stand out in any room. Suitable for the bedroom as a reading chair, in a child’s nursery offering an abundance of comfort whilst breastfeeding. This armchair has such style with fine detailing of the mandala.

It has been handmade in India for someone special. The armchair may be the perfect way to finish your interior design project. Designs and pattern are reminiscent of the peacocks' beauty and symbolise confidence and protection. You can sit here to rest, stay a while and regain your energy. According to scientific studies, the colour pink is said to represent unconditional love, whilst also inspiring hope, calming our emotions, and offering warmth to friends and family that visit.

It’s sturdy dark wooden legs outline the chair and natural draw your eye to it, which means you will always want to sit on this chair! As this seat has been made by expert artisans, you are not conforming to mass-produced goods and are instead supporting the production of those that are unique.

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