Mango Wood Serving Tray


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Simply carved from dark brown mango wood. Our serving trays feature stunning handles that are the image of rustic simplicity at its best. Perfectly suited for breakfast in bed, for serving cheeses and crackers for dinner guests or for those nights on the sofa watching a movie with your supper! Size is approximately 43cm x 21cm x 8cm, handmade in India, It has sturdy feet on the bottom which adds to its elegance.

Key Features:

  • Handmade
  • Sustainable Mango Wood
  • Fair Trade
  • Multipurpose 

Mango wood is extremely sustainable which is great for the environment, this is because once the tree stops producing its sweet delicious fruit, instead of just being cut down and thrown away to restart the process it is made into beautiful pieces of furniture, it can be made into all types of furniture because it is so versatile.

Find out more: All about mango wood

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