Mixed Tagua Seed Nut Slices In Netted Bag 2kg


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Are you someone who makes jewellery for loved ones? Do you own your own jewellery shop? Or maybe you make jewellery for a hobby of your own? If so then this is the product for you. Tagua seeds are amazing due to the abundance of options that they give you when it comes to jewellery designs. You can create a range of jewellery products from them, including necklaces, wrist bracelets, ankle bracelets and any other product you can think of. Each design you create can be unique in its own way. Our 2kg netted bag provides you with the ability to create any design that your heart desires. The abundance of colours within the bag allows you to create a range of coloured jewellery, from exquisite red and black slices to deep blue slices mirroring the colour of the ocean itself.

Our tagua seed bag also has a vast range of shapes. These shapes include small opals to larger bean looking shapes, all of which can be used to create unique designs and patterns for your jewellery. All of our slices are designed in terms of shape and colour to provide you with a new opportunity. We want your jewellery to look the best it can be, and with the help of our mixed tagua seed nut slices, your options are limitless!

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