Raffia Round Coaster


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You are purchasing one unit, the color is produced using only natural dyes, they are from Madagascar, Africa. Madagascar is one of the world’s poorest nations, Sometimes described as the world’s sixth continent, on account of its unique flora and fauna, Madagascar is struggling to tackle many environmental, biodiversity, food security and development challenges. Diameter 9cm, each item is uniquely handmade and will vary in shape, size color and design. So natural and beautiful. 
What is Raffia?

Raffia straw/leaves come from the tree (Raphia farinifera) it is an amazing material that can be used to make hats, offering sun protection. It is soft and strong, easy to dye many different colors using natural dyes. It is a good material for weaving items such as baskets, rugs, coasters, mats, It is also used in gardening as twine to tie climbing plants to bamboo stakes due to its flexibility and strength.

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