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These round mini pillboxes are the perfect size to hold a small pair of earrings, and they make for a wonderful gift. Approximate size is 3.3cm x 2.5cm, choices include - 1, 3 or 10, please note that it works out cheaper to purchase more than one. If you have a personal preference for colour, please leave a delivery note and we will see what we can do. Otherwise, one will be sent at random. Each one is decorated by hand from India with sequins, glitter, and beads.

A great thing about pillboxes are how versatile they are, they were originally invented by David P. Wagner for the use of medication dispensing means in 1964. The reason he made the device is that he and his wife would use it as a prompt to remember whether they had taken their daily pill or not. Even though he invented the device, it did not look as it does today. These ones are stylish and are more modern. 


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