How to use a sari gift wrap

A sari gift wrap is a great eco friendly way to give a gift. Instead of the usual paper packaging with its one time use wrapping gifts and then being thrown away, a sari gift wrap can be reused as a gift wrap for another present or it can be used as a fabric scarf. They come in assorted colours and designs and add a splash of colour under the tree. There are many ways to use a sari gift wrap but in this blog or video we are going to show you the simplest way so that you can use it straight away!

Otsukai Tsutsumi [basic carry wrap]

Start by removing the sari gift wrap from its cardboard sleeve, then open up the fabric and put it in a diamond shape. Place the gift in the centre of the gift wrap. Fold the bottom corner so that the point is facing towards the gift then do the same with the top corner. With the bottom corner wrap the sari over the gift and repeat the same on top whilst maintaining a tension around the present. Slightly fold the sides inwards to keep the tension around the gift and then bring both sides together to tie them. To secure the gift inside, tie the handles together once more in another knot.

After you have mastered this way of gift wrapping you can then experiment with other ways to wrap your gifts. One technique that more experienced gift wrappers do is when they are making the knot they fold the ends into the knot to create what looks like a ribbon and the results look great. Gifts wraps originated in Japan and the technique is known as Furoshiki. This is the traditional Japanese way of wrapping gifts is with a square shaped sustainable cloth.

12 ways to gift wrap

Yotsu Musubi [4 tie wrap]

Suika Tsutsumi [watermelon carry wrap]

Katakake Fukuro [shoulder carry wrap]

Entou Tsutsumi [long object wrap]

Hira Tsutsumi [flat object wrap]

Tesage Bukuro [hand carry wrap]

Kousa Tsutsumi [slender object carry wrap]

Hon Tsutsumi [ 2 books carry wrap]

Futatsu Tsutsumi [2 knots carry wrap]

Kakushi Tsutsumi [hidden knot wrap]

Bin Tsutsumi [bottle carry wrap]

Sao Tsutsumi [padding carry wrap]

Whilst sari gift wraps are great, you can use any type of fabric for gift wrapping such as silk, cotton, rayon, and nylon. Silk gift wraps are usually a lot more high end due to how expensive the material is. If you want to buy a sari gift wrap, you can get one here or If you already have some lovely material, then cut it into squares and get started wrapping your eco gifts! 


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