We are an eco-friendly, unique gift store retailer and wholesaler. We have beautiful handmade sustainable items that tell their own ethnic story. Our multicultural musical instruments and home decor comes from countries such as South America, Asia, Africa.

When you purchase from us you are helping the lives and communities of many others. We only work with fair trade suppliers that will treat creators fairly ensuring they have a liveable wage.

This is to improve their livelihoods, and quality of life, because we deal in handmade goods, we do not contribute to mass production factories, and instead products are more unique, natural, using the bare materials that they have around them and utilising it to make craft something stunning.

We care how our products are made which is why, we have items that are the most eco environmentally friendly, our products are made from all sorts of materials such as exotic woods, mango, teak, bamboo, clay, cotton tagua, gourds, wool, recycled and more.

Decorated by traditional geometric burning, carving, and painting with non toxic nature made paints. We want to do our bit for the environment by maintaining a low carbon footprint, by using recycled packaging when possible and to continue producing products that are simply better. We want to be your gifts store, wholesale supplier, would you like our items in your shop? Contact us today!

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