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Showing 1 - 15 of 15 products
carved painted gourd with rasp stick
Gourd Guiro Shaker Rattle
Sale price£32.00
Solid aboriginal bamboo guiro shaker
Toko Guiro Shaker
Sale price£18.00
Green and brown wooden cricket guiro
Cricket Guiro & Stick
Sale price£18.00
Red and blue morus guiro shaker with solid wood beater
Morus Guiro
Sale price£18.00
large metal guiro shaker with handle and rasp
Atlas Metal Guiro
Sale price£38.00
arched back cat with guiro rasp
Purring Cat Guiro
Sale price£18.00
Flat Rumbai bamboo ridged guiro with stick
Rumbai Guiro
Sale price£18.00
boxed frog guiro instrument
Croaking Frog Guiro
Sale priceFrom £18.00
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Solid green crocodile guiro with beater
Crocodile Guiro
Sale price£22.00
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Large Atlas fish guiro with red and green colours
Atlas Fish Guiro
Sale price£28.00
Natural wood fish tone block with beater
Nami Fish Block
Sale price£15.00
jackfruit wood guiro with rasp
Pasar Guiro
Sale priceFrom £25.00
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4 ball twist shaker
Ball Twist Shaker
Sale price£20.00
Carved fish guiro tone block
Fish Guiro With Rasp
Sale price£20.00
Solid wood dolphin guiro whistle with beater in mouth
Dolphin Guiro
Sale price£25.00

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