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Discover natural products from all over the world in our organised by country collections that will help you find specific products from your favourite cultural region. Each country has its own style and cultural traditions, you can create a unique space following a design theme or can mix and match your favourites. Choose from India, Africa, China, Indonesia, Nepal, South America, Thailand, Vietnam, or England.


Discover stunning handcrafted products from India in our largest collection by country. Indian handicrafts are very popular, one thing that we love about this selection is the traditional nature and how each product is made in a different style that reflects the culture from the region where it was made. Explore our selection of Indian musical instruments, homewares, furniture, wind chimes and gifts. Most of the items listed here will be made from sustainable woods like mango wood and recyclable metals like brass and cast iron.

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Go on a cultural journey with our curated collection celebrating Indonesia. The sounds of traditional instruments like the Gamelan xylophone and bamboo whistles. Perfect for meditation or musical pursuits, these handcrafted items also make wonderful gifts for all ages. Explore beyond music with our artisan tea blends and essential oils, all authentically crafted from eco-friendly materials. Check our Indonesian music store.

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Explore the percussive heartbeat of Africa with instruments ranging from shakers to drums and unique keyrings. Journey to Senegal, where recycled woven plastic transforms into ethnic bowls, showcasing sustainability in art. Travel further to Morocco and discover the rare Thuya Wood, known for its golden hue and pine-scented aroma. Harvested from 70-year-old conifer roots, this exclusive wood supports local communities through fishing and the aromatic trade. Explore our African music store.

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Discover different curated items like wooden kalimbas, aura meditation chimes, matsu flutes, matsu kokoriko, and morus guiro, alongside unique essentials like beard combs. Made from materials like mahogany and mango wood, highlights natural grain patterns and vibrant handcrafted designs. Each eco-friendly item, designed for sustainability and durability, adds an authentic touch to your home or musical ensemble. See our Chinese music store.

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South America

Explore South America through our curated collection of authentic musical instruments traditionally crafted and once used by ingenious tribes. Go on our instrument packs, offering a unique glimpse into South American culture. Complement your space with Lana wool rugs, adding a stunning touch of color to your home. Explore South America at our dedicated music store.

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Featuring Dhyangro Shamanic Drums, Brass Jaw Harps, Bon Singing Bowls, Wool Beanies, Muna Wool Blankets, and Sari Maxi Dresses, captures the essence of Nepalese culture. We prioritize Fair Trade and eco-friendly practices, supporting local artisans who use sustainable materials. Check our Nepalese music store.

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Explore the rhythms of Vietnam with our authentic collection of natural musical instruments, including Vietnamese bamboo flutes, dan moi jaw harps, double animal tone blocks, meo fingerbells, and more. Crafted from sustainable materials like mango wood, mahogany, and brass metal, each item reflects Vietnam's rich tradition and craftsmanship. Support local artists with our best-selling cotton drawstring pouches, perfect for gifts or organizing essentials. See our Vietnamese music store.

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Discover Thailand through our collection of beautifully carved candle holders and hand-painted stools from the northern region. Talented artisans in this region craft unique woodwind instruments and shakers using jute cinnamon sticks and eco-friendly seed pods. Elevate your home with our aromatic diffusers and intricately carved floral candles. Explore our Thailand music store.

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Explore England through our collection, currently featuring an ACME Samba Whistle with a vibrant rainbow strap, perfect for festivals and samba bands. Indulge in self-care with natural face masks by health brand Corinne Taylor that is enriched with organic essential oils, leaving your skin bright, soothed, and detoxed. Enhance your well-being with our essential oil soy wax melts, ideal for aromatherapy and relaxation. While our selection is limited now, stay tuned for future expansions. Check out our English music store.

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