We use only ethically sourced materials to create our products, using natural recycled when possible. With sustainability at the heart, and values above and beyond.


coconut shell

Coconut is a sustainable material due to the fact that each part of the tree can be fully utilized. The coconut ‘meat’ itself can be dried, which is then used in the production of massage oils, soaps and even makeup. The slender wood on the tree is also used to make furniture and the fibers in the husk are used to make sacks, mats, brushes and ropes.



bamboo cane

Bamboo is one of the most sustainable plants on the planet. Grown in tropical temperatures, there are over 1000 different types of bamboo around the globe. It’s extremely durable and does not require any pesticides or chemical fertilisers to grow. In addition to this, it requires no irrigation and can be harvested every three to five years. The plant itself also produces an average of 35% more oxygen than its tree equivalent, making it ideal for the atmosphere we live in.


Thuya Wood

thuya wood

Thuya wood, also known as western red cedar is the most environmentally friendly wood option. It is often used as timber, which has the lowest energy consumption and the lowest carbon dioxide emissions. The timber itself is not toxic and does not release any chemical vapour. Once cut down, thuya wood can be easily replanted and will last for hundreds of years, in some cases reaching 65m high.



natural wool

Wool is one of the few materials used in clothing that is naturally biodegradable. Rather than accumulating in landfills and oceans, wool will naturally biodegrade in soils and aquatic systems. Whilst wool will shed its fibres during washing, the fibres will naturally break down and will therefore not cause any environmental damage.


Recycled Glass

recycled glass

Recycled glass helps to reduce the waste of raw materials whilst preserving natural resources. During production, it also helps to save every as it melts at a significantly lower temperature than alternative raw materials. This helps to reduce waste whilst reusing natural components.


Mango Wood

mango wood

Mango wood is a sustainable hardwood timber. Whilst they are usually grown for the fruit they produce, they reach a time in their life cycle in which fruit is no longer grown. This is when the trees are cut down to create wooden products, and can be replanted by farmers to create a sustainable ecosystems.




Jute is a natural, rain fed crop that is grown without the need for artificial fertilizer or pesticides. It contains natural vegetable fibres that can be used to create strong threads. These threads are used in many of our natural products, due to their durability and sustainability.




Ceramics have been used throughout history, dating all the way back to 28,000 BC. These natural materials include clay, terracotta and stoneware, all of which are completely natural and pose no threat to the environment. Due to their range of colours and textures, they have a myriad of applications in many of our products.

Recycled Metal

recycled metal

Rather than adding to the metal readily available, we use recycled metals in our products. Recycled metals produce significantly fewer emissions compared to those that are newly produced and can be reworked time and time again without causing any harm to the environment. 

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