Lewes Castle & Barbican House Museum

What is the history of lewes castle?

Lewes castle was built from stone in the late 18th century by William de Warenne. It is part of the national heritage for England and is part of the national trust although you do not need to be a member to visit. The barbican house next door is now used as a museum and you can pay to enter. 

The castle was attacked in 1381 by a mob who broke inside and stole casks of wine. They destroyed several documents and by the 17th century lewes castle became a ruin. 

Throughout the castle, you will uncover facts about the family who owned the castle, what different parts of the castle were used for such as the shell, keep, gatehouse, and gardens etc. As you go round the castle and explore inside you will be amongst its rich history and will get a feel for what life would have been like many years ago with information sheets and images.

What is the entry price?

the admission prices are approximately £9 per adults, and £5 for a child although a family ticket can be purchased for £24. You can book a ticket online via their website. If you are a member of Sussex Past you do not need to make a booking and can enjoy unlimited visits to their six historical sites and museums.

Where is lewes castle located 

The address to visit Lewes castle is: 169 High St, Lewes BN7 1YE, East Sussex, UK - Check out google maps for directions or see the map below.

If you are thinking about travelling to lewes castle but are not sure if it is worth the price or not. Watch the video of our day trip and come inside the castle.

Our day trip to Lewes Castle (video)

Key points to help you decide whether to visit

  • It is an educational trip that lasts for about 1 hour
  • They do not allow dogs
  • The openings times are from 10am - 5.30pm
  • The entry fee is £9 per adults and £5 per child
  • Local pay and display car parks: The maltings car park, westgate car park or west street car park
  • Across over ‎546 reviews, lewes castle is rated a 4.5 out of 5.
  • Local hotel accommodation and restaurants nearby. 

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