5 Reasons why your neighbour hates you
  1. You Are Too Loud

You like music and play it out loud during the day on the radio or on the TV. Your neighbour complains and says that you should invest in a pair of headphones as they look down their nose at you. Perhaps you work all day and when you get home in the evening, that’s when you need to do your hoovering and they dislike the noise from the Hoover.

If you enjoy some basic DIY, like building a shelf then there’s no doubt that you’re too loud for them. What can you do about it? Quite literally nothing. If you continue they will likely make a complaint about you to the local council and worst case, you could be evicted from your home. Luckily, in most cases it doesn’t go quite that far.

  1. Your Cat Eats Their Cats’ Food

Yep, I went there. We definitely feed our cat enough, and what can I say he loves a bit of free food. I am sorry that he knows how to use your cat flap. This may seem random and sure it is, I was surprised when the neighbour complained about our cat, but maybe I should of had a word with our naughty pet.

  1. You Keep Them Awake at Night

Perhaps like me, you left your shed door open and during the night it moved in the wind. This disturbed their sleep and now they complain when they see you about the things that kept them awake at night. There lack of sleep is entirely your fault, unfortunately there are just some neighbours that love a good moan.

  1. You Are Too Happy

“Stop it with your happiness, you need to be moodier like me.” Some people hate it when others are happy, they want to bring you down to their level, which is ridiculous. What I recommend, is continue to be happy, and don’t let others bring you down.

  1. They Just Hate You

They hate how you live next to them, they don’t like many people and look for ways to be miserable. They hate your interests in growing your own crops, they hate your fashion sense, they hate the bricks that hold your house together and they hate your car. All jokes aside, sometimes we get neighbours that we just can’t see eye to eye with, and if they ever threaten you, or are violent in any way, you can contact the police.

If they are causing trouble because of your religion, race, sexuality or something about your characteristics, this is classed as hate crime and can also be reported to the police. For more information in regards to your rights, keeping records and talking to your neighbour to sort things out you can go to Citizens Advice.

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