Top 8 Gecko Kalimba Musical Instruments

Introducing the Top 8 Gecko Kalimba Musical Instruments: Experience the melodies of Gecko's exceptional kalimbas. With their stunning natural and sunburst finishes, these instruments look great! From the 17-note to 10-note kalimbas, Gecko offers many options to suit your musical preferences and skill level. Crafted with precision and quality, they deliver an unmatched performance and resonate with rich, harmonious tones. Discover the world of Gecko music!

1. Portable Cajon

portable gecko cajon

The zebrawood cajon is a portable percussion instrument that can be played on-the-go. It comes complete with a strap so that you can stand whilst playing and a carry case for keeping it protected and for easy storage. Typically cajon drums are far too big to travel with but this one is a game changer!

2. Lyre Harp

Gecko sunburst lyre harp

The lyre harp is a stringed musical instrument that has 15 strings and comes in two colour designs; sunburst or cherry. The sunburst kalimba has a gradient red and yellow towards the centre and is made from maple wood whereas the cherry red design is made from solid mahogany wood. These lyre harps come complete with a tuning tool, replacement strings and a case. 

3. GECKO Cajon Box Drum

GECKO Cajon BOX Drum

The GECKO Cajon Box Drum takes the center stage with its exceptional build quality and mesmerizing sound. Crafted from imported birch wood, this hand drum delivers rich and resonant tones that truly bring your rhythm to life. The bottom pad of the barrel body not only protects the cajon but also enhances its overall sound projection. The GECKO Cajon Box Drum showcases impeccable craftsmanship, with a classic and traditional design that adds a touch of elegance to your performances.

The adjustable guitar strings allow you to fine-tune your sound, ensuring that every beat resonates with perfection. Designed with portability in mind, the GECKO Cajon Box Drum is lightweight and compact, making it ideal for musicians on the go. Whether you're jamming with friends or performing on the streets, this cajon hand drum will be your perfect musical companion. 

4. Gecko Sunburst kalimba (17 Note)

Sunburst kalimba 17 notes

This sunburst kalimba has a stunning gradient colour design and has 17 keys allowing you to play your favourite songs. The professional thumb piano has a box type shape and makes a great gift. These instruments also come in a smaller size that has 10 notes which is more suitable for beginners who are first being introduced to the kalimba but if you dont fancy the bold design these also come in a natural wood design. 

5. Gecko Kalimba Board Type (15 Note)

Camphorwood kalimba

This board type kalimba is made from a flat piece of aromatic camphor wood - it doesn't have an amplification chamber and so the sound is not as loud as box types but it is more compact and robust than other thumb pianos. It has 15 keys which makes it a more versatile instrument in comparison to the 10 note but is slightly less overwhelming for beginners. 

6. Gecko Kalimba Sunburst (10 Note)

gecko kalimba 10 note

The Gecko Kalimba Sunburst C10 is a beautifully crafted musical instrument that brings the enchanting sound of steel notes to your fingertips. This kalimba features a stunning sunburst gradient design, with vibrant red hues at the top transitioning to warm yellow-orange tones at the bottom. It is expertly tuned to the C scale, ensuring harmonious melodies every time you play. Compact and portable, the Gecko Kalimba Sunburst C10 allows you to carry the magic of music wherever you go.

7. GECKO SD6 Cajon Hand Drum

GECKO SD6 Cajon Hand Drum

The GECKO SD6 Cajon hand drum is a percussion instrument designed for easy playability and portability. With three distinct parts on the tapping side - high bongo, low bongo, and snare - you can create beautiful sounds by simply tapping with your fingers or palms. The drum is made with selected wood materials, including croton wood, black wood, tiger maple wood, and solid birch wood for the body.

8. Gecko Kalimba (21 Note)

21 key board type kalimba

The Gecko Kalimba, a musical marvel that takes performances to new heights with its 21-note design, surpassing the traditional thumb piano in terms of key count. Crafted from solid wood, this board-type kalimba is a delight for both adults and children aged 12 and above. Tuned to the enchanting key of C, this purchase comes complete with essential accessories such as a tuning tool, soft case, stickers, cleaning fabric, and an instruction booklet.

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