somewhere only we know Kalimba tab

Somewhere only we know' is a hit classic by rock band Keane that was originally released in 2004 and is featured in the album: Now that's what I call music 57. Since then it has been covered by the likes of Lily Allen for the John Lewis Christmas commercial but also by Elizabeth Gillies, Max Schneider and Reneé Dominique.

For reference, here is a video of me playing the song on a coconut thumb piano so that you can hear what the track sounds like. When your confident, play along with me!


G D       D B        A  B     A   B

I walked a-cross an em-pty land

C C     C   C     C       C   C    C      B  A   C    B

I knew the path-way like the back of my han-d.

G D  D   B      A     B      B    B

I felt the earth be-neath my feet

C    C  C   C   C   C   C C         B   A      C  B

Sat by the riv-er, and it made me com-ple-te

B    G    G   E        B        D       D      B 

Oh, sim-ple thing, where have you gone?

C    C    C    C     C   C C     C        B      A   B C  B

I'm get-ting old, and I need some-thing to re-ly on

B   G   G   E        B        B      B  D  D  B

So tell me when you're gon-na let me in

C    C   C     C C   C    C  C     B         A        B C  B    

I'm get-ting tir-ed, and I need some-where to be-gin.



Ryan Bomzer

Just checked these notes and you was right! Thank you so much for letting me know, I have just corrected them.


Sounds like some of your keys are dead. Might want to check.

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