Couples classes that you will love

Although it may seem obvious, spending time with your partner is extremely beneficial for your relationship. It is also a fantastic way to feel closer to them. In today’s busy working environment, it is easier to waste time than ever. Before you know it, another day has gone and you haven’t had enough time in the day to spend with your partner. You spent the majority of it working, only to come home exhausted and fall asleep.

This lifestyle is affecting people all around the world and in many cases, it is having a negative effect on the relationship. One fantastic way to spend time with your partner is by going to classes with them. Businesses all around the country provide a range of classes that can be done as a couple. All of which provide a unique experience for you and your partner and hopefully, one that will bring you both together. Here are some of the best classes for couples that you could sign up to.

1. Gym

Now we’ve all heard it before: ‘on Monday I’ll start the gym and begin my diet’. It’s something many couples have said to one and other and often, something that is broken the next day after you ate that doughnut on the way home from work. Starting the gym by yourself can be extremely scary and daunting and without the right support going to the gym on a regular basis can be difficult.

As a result, going together can be a great idea. It has been scientifically proven that couples who exercise together grow closer mentally as a result due to the endorphins that are released during and after exercise. This means that by going to the gym, not only will you both be able to develop yourselves physically, but will also be able to become a stronger couple too, its two wins for the price of one!

2. Cooking

Cooking classes can be a fun and exciting couples’ activity that can be done around work as well as at the weekend. These classes provide you with both the opportunity to improve your culinary skills, whilst also spending time together as a couple. You can work together in these classes to create the best food or compete with one and other to see who can make the best-tasting dishes. No matter what you choose to do, it is important to make sure that you both have fun in the process.

3. Massage Classes

Around the country, many businesses provide couples with specialist massage classes that teach you both how to give the other the best massages. This is a class that can teach you both a skill that you can use at home, as well as a skill that can help you bond as a couple. These classes will teach you the ins and outs of massage. Allowing you to give your partner a professional massage all from the comfort of your own home.

4. Yoga

If you believe that the gym is too intense for you both, then yoga classes are a great alternative. These classes can help both you and your partner to relax your muscles after a long day at work, helping you both to reduce your levels of stress. You can go to these classes around your personal schedules, providing you with flexible stress relief, that can work around you.

These are only a few examples of the classes that you can go to as a couple. There are hundreds of different classes that you can both attend, each with its own experience and feel.  

How to get involved in the community?

Getting involved in community activities is very easy to do, you should go exploring, discover your local shops and amenities.

Near my old house, we had a charity shop, greengrocers and a library. All of which are perfect places to go to find out what’s happening in the area. Some common activities include classes to learn a new skill such as dance, yoga, knitting, martial arts.

Family fun days, face painting, markets, and more. I live in a village, people that live here are very proud of there surroundings and take pride in looking after our home. Every week on a Sunday, the local community get together to clean up litter around the area. Whilst that may not seem fun, you will get to meet new people. Also, being involved in something positive will help you make new friends and, you may hear about other events.

In local places, there are usually leaflets or letters of some sort detailing upcoming community activities. My advice to you is to always try to keep an open mind. How do you know if you will like something or not without first experiencing it for yourself?

I try and get my fingers in many different pies, trying to get out and about with two young ones as much as possible. As I suffer anxiety, I struggle to commit to too much so having loads of options available all of the time is a great way to get me out of the house. In Brighton, there is a community-based charity that helps parents on a low income.

They have helped hundreds of families by paying for trips and sorting out travel. We have had some great days out with them to places like the sea life centre, Brighton’s i360, farms, parks, theatre events, etc. If you put yourself out there, you will hear about these great opportunities. Another example is something called ‘the real junk food project‘.

Whilst it doesn’t sound too good with the term junk food’ it is in fact amazing. What they do is they are given foods that are set to go out of date from supermarkets and bakeries and instead of putting it into the bin which would then end up in landfill they cook with it. They have events weekly where they have volunteers cooking delicious dishes and every person is welcome to turn up and have a free meal. You are welcome to give a donation to support the cause, but it is entirely free which is wonderful.

Things you can do with the family

If you don’t feel ready to get involved in the community. You could just have a trip to the seaside or a countryside walk and see where a path takes you. We had a long walk for 3 hours with our two children aged 2 and 3, we brought a picnic with us and just embraced nature, our buggy did break but we just got on with it because it was a beautiful sunny day and nothing was going to stop us.

We even saw some wildlife on our walk, we saw sheep, cows, and even horses! The only money we spent was on a roast dinner which was well and truly deserved by us all. Although, you don’t have to eat out. Just make sure you bring food and snacks with you, we have done this plenty of times and its just as good as long as its tasty things you would normally eat.

Remember the hardest part of anything is making a start, so stop reading this blog and go experience something that you might love. 

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