making soy wax melts

How to Make Soy Wax Melts

CraftsRyan Bomzer
Wax melts are fantastic to make a room smell nice whilst providing some health benefits. They are great for aromatherapy which makes us feel overal...
arts and craft supplies

18 Popular arts and crafts supplies

CraftsRyan Bomzer
What are arts & crafts?  The definition of the term: “arts and crafts” is the; ‘decorating design, and handicraft - meaning; an activity involv...
How To Make Coconut Pot At Home (Guide)

How To Make Coconut Pot At Home (Guide)

CraftsRyan Bomzer
Before we can get started making our coconut pot we will need a dust mask, protective eyewear, sandpaper, saw, wood glue, scissors, a bowl, a cup, ...
jewellery making with beads, seeds and nuts

How to Make Jewellery with Tagua Seeds?

CraftsRyan Bomzer
To make jewellery with tagua seeds, you will of course need some tagua seeds. You should make sure that you buy Tagua seeds from a reputable seller...
tree homemade candle holder DIY

How To Make Wooden Candle Holders

CraftsRyan Bomzer
With spare wood lying around, I looked online, and I brought a 40 mm spade drill bit so that I could carve the perfect holes out of wood to make so...
how to make a coconut bowl

How to Make A Coconut Bowl

CraftsRyan Bomzer
There are many different ways to make coconut bowls and each way depends on the tools that you have available. Assuming that you have these basic t...
coconut counting pieces

How to Make Natural Coconut Pieces

CraftsRyan Bomzer
These natural coconut pieces are awesome, and can be used for all sorts of arts and craft. They are suitable for jewellery making, and make great c...
before and after leather chair makeover

Leather Chair to Rustic Side Table Transformation

CraftsRyan Bomzer
I love the idea of taking something that someone considers trash and turning it into something new, rustic, and wonderful. On top of that, I love a...
handmade bamboo straws overview

How to Make Bamboo Straws (DIY Guide)

CraftsRyan Bomzer
Bamboo is a fantastic material and in comparison to alternatives that are used for making straws, it is superior in pretty much every way. Plastic...
man hand carving wooden spoons

Beginner Hand Carving: Spoons

CraftsRyan Bomzer
Since founding our company, I have always been fascinated by carved wooden products, especially those belonging in the kitchen. I love to cook, exp...
elephant hand carved

Beginner Hand Carving: Elephant

CraftsRyan Bomzer
I was looking at our stunning hand-carved products and thought wow, people actually carve these, how long must it take to make even one? Without do...