handmade bamboo straws overview

Bamboo is a fantastic material and in comparison to alternatives that are used for making straws, it is superior in pretty much every way. Plastic which is commonly used to make straws is bad for the environement, and whilst paper straw alternatives have seen a rise in popularity, these are not liked very much by consumers because of how they can become soggy in your drink and become unusable rather quickly. 

Bamboo however is strong, naturally growing, antibacterial, antifungal, and is of course reusable which makes for the perfect straw! For this project, you will need a pencil, bamboo cane, a ruler, scissors, sandpaper, drill, a handsaw, and some type of metal rod. 

How to make bamboo straws (step by step guide)

1. Measure 15cms on the bamboo cane, mark it with your pencil and then carefull cut the cane with the handsaw.

2. Using your drill, go through the center of the bamboo on both sides to remove all of the inner pith. Afterwards, go back through with your metal rod to remove excess.

3. Take a piece of course sandpaper and sand until smooth or desired to remove rough edges and green bamboo. You can of course use a fine sandpaper after to finish it nicely. 

4. Detoxify the bamboo in a boiling salt water solution, cook and change the water 2-3 times until the water becomes more clean.

5. Remove the straw from the water and let them dry naturally, to finish the straws you could use a little coconut oil, this is optional but will help them last longer. To care for your straws, hand wash them in warm water, and use a cleaning brush or rod. 

Bamboo Straws: Frequently Asked Questions

How to clean bamboo straws?

    It’s advised to boil clean bamboo straws in a little salt and vinegar before using them for the first time, this helps to remove the ‘woody’ aroma. After each use, rinse under the tap and use the cleaning rod provided.  

    Which variety of bamboo is used to make straws? 

    the variety of bamboo that is used to make bamboo straws is called pseudostachyum. 

    How long do bamboo straws last?

      One bamboo straw can be washed hundreds of times, and jungle straws come in a pack of twelves which ensures many months or years of use before they need replacing. Of course, this depends on how well you look after them.

      How to store bamboo straws?

        Making sure that you store them right will allow them to last even longer. Store your straws in a well-ventilated place, never in an airtight container, a jute storage pouch does just the thing!

        Can bamboo straws be used with hot drinks? 

          Bamboo does not conduct heat and so they are suitable for use with hot and cold drinks.

          Can bamboo straws be used with bubble milk tea?

            As long as the hole is big enough to suck up the tapioca pearls you will be able to use it. The leading manufacturer of bamboo straws has sets of 12 available and jungle straws come in mixed sizes which will ensure that some will be suitable for milk tea.

            Are they dishwasher safe? 

              Yes, they are 100% dishwasher safe however you should turn off the hot and dry function and dry them immediately. 

              Bamboo straw vs reed straw?

              Both straws have a natural origin, for example, bamboo comes the bamboo plant (Bambusoideae) whereas reed straws are made from wheat stems. Both straws are durable, are biodegradable and have similar qualities.

              Why bamboo straws are the best?

              Eco friendly

              Bamboo drinking straws are completely Eco-friendly and in comparison to plastic straws, they are much better for the environment. This is because bamboo is naturally growing and doesn’t contribute to landfill like plastic does. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth making it a sustainable material. Another aspect that makes the material eco is down to the fact that no artificial fertilisers or chemicals are needed for the harvesting of bamboo and this means that the cultivation is natural and never harms the environment.

              Paper is of course a better choice than plastic and whilst it is considered safer for all marine life In the sea. In the processing of paper, a lot of chemicals are used and this includes bleaching agents which are not environmentally friendly. Despite the efforts to swap plastic straws out for paper straws, paper that has been in contact with food waste is not recyclable and is disposable which results in more waste.


              In comparison to paper and plastic straws, bamboo is also the best choice for health. Plastic has many known carcinogens that pose numerous health risks, and paper also has additional chemicals added to it that are also not very good for you. Bamboo is overall is a healthier choice as it does not have any nasty’s added, as mentioned above no fertilisers or chemicals are needed. You should however only buy bamboo straws from a reputable seller.

              Jungle Straws is a trusted company who work alongside Vietnamese farms and artisans to manufacture and supply SGS certified, food safe bamboo straws, bamboo cutlery and coconut bowls. They sell bamboo straws and Eco friendly products to retail and wholesale customers worldwide and take care of all of their engraving and personalisation in-house from their facility close to London.

              Long lasting

              How long bamboo straws last? Bamboo straws are reusable and are a hard wearing material. They are strong and if cared for can last a long time. In fact bamboo is so strong that in various regions of Asia, they use thick bamboo for scaffolding. When your straw does come to the end of its life, it is biodegradable and can be added to your compost heap. Bamboo is naturally anti-odour which makes it a perfect material for straws.

              Your bamboo straw won’t take on the smell of your last drink. The most common materials used for making straws are paper and let's face it they don’t last long, usually they don’t even last the first drink. Halfway through its first use, your straw will swell up and go soggy in your drink. The other material is plastic and these are also a one time use. 

              Unique gift

              Bamboo is similar to wood and has unique character in its grain, this also means that no two straws look exactly the same, which is why they make such good gifts. Bamboo straws can be personalised for weddings, events, cafes and bars and so much more. As people think more consciously about the environment, this in turn creates demand for sustainable gifts and bamboo straws and pouches can be the perfect gift for the Eco warrior, and for the planet.

              Naturally antibacterial & anti-fungal 

              Finally, bamboo straws are naturally antibacterial and because it's antibacterial, you don’t have to worry as much about bacteria building up. Although you should occasionally use the rod provided to clean the inside of them, they are also dishwasher safe, and as they are anti-fungal they will be less susceptible to mold.

              Where can I buy bamboo straws?

                When it comes to purchasing bamboo straws, you should make sure that you get them from a trusted source. Jungle straws are the leading manufacturer of bamboo straws and cutlery and they have a promise to be 100% organic, chemical free, plastic free and reusable. Each pack comes with 12 straws, and a cleaning rod brush in a neat jute hessian pouch. 

                If you don't want to make your own bamboo straws, you can buy some here. These ones are made from organic bamboo canes, they come in a pack set of 6 straws, and come with a cleaning rod and a storage pouch. On top of that Jungle Straws promise that their straws contains no chemicals or pesticides.

                About Jungle Straws | Jungle Culture

                Jungle straws jungle culture team

                Chris and Jamie, the co-founders of Jungle Straws and Jungle Culture, met in 2016 whilst travelling. Two Brits with a mutual passion for travel and exploration, they quickly became friends and bonded over their love for travel and their shared goal to make a positive difference in the world. Having travelled to a combined total of over 73 countries, they had each witnessed first-hand the damage caused by single use plastic across the globe.

                Their vision was to create an ethical and sustainable business that would make it easy for others to reduce their plastic use and to be part of the wider movement towards a plastic-free future. After a year of brainstorming, lots of research, and multiple trips to the countryside in Vietnam, Jungle Straws was born. Ever since its inception, Jungle Straws has aimed to support, educate, and inspire individuals and businesses to make the switch to reusable and sustainable alternatives to plastic.

                jungle culture reusable bamboo straws

                Chris and Jamie work closely with their Vietnamese manufacturers and designers to capture the essence of their craft and to ensure the entire business is built on ethics, equality and transparency. Jungle Straws is proud to be a zero waste company, with a growing range of organic products that focus on style, sustainability and practicality, helping to change habits and make a positive difference one sip at a time. Get your set of bamboo straws. If you are looking for bamboo straws in bulk, you should contact Jungle straws directly as they offer wholesale options for businesses.

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