handmade bamboo straws overview

Bamboo is a fantastic material and in comparison to alternatives that are used for making straws, it is superior in pretty much every way. Plastic which is commonly used to make straws is bad for the environement, and whilst paper straw alternatives have seen a rise in popularity, these are not liked very much by consumers because of how they can become soggy in your drink and become unusable rather quickly. 

Bamboo however is strong, naturally growing, antibacterial, antifungal, and is of course reusable which makes for the perfect straw! For this project, you will need a pencil, bamboo cane, a ruler, scissors, sandpaper, drill, a handsaw, and some type of metal rod. 

How to make bamboo straws (step by step guide)

1. Measure 15cms on the bamboo cane, mark it with your pencil and then carefull cut the cane with the handsaw.

2. Using your drill, go through the center of the bamboo on both sides to remove all of the inner pith. Afterwards, go back through with your metal rod to remove excess.

3. Take a piece of course sandpaper and sand until smooth or desired to remove rough edges and green bamboo. You can of course use a fine sandpaper after to finish it nicely. 

4. Detoxify the bamboo in a boiling salt water solution, cook and change the water 2-3 times until the water becomes more clean.

5. Remove the straw from the water and let them dry naturally, to finish the straws you could use a little coconut oil, this is optional but will help them last longer. To care for your straws, hand wash them in warm water, and use a cleaning brush or rod. 

If you don't want to make your own bamboo straws, you can buy some here. These ones are made from organic bamboo canes, they come in a pack set of 6 straws, and come with a cleaning rod and a storage pouch. On top of that Jungle Straws promise that their straws contains no chemicals or pesticides.


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