Significant milestones and pivotal moments that have shaped our growth, drive, and commitment to our core values. Discover the story of Carved Culture since its founding, and how we've continuously adapted to meet the changing needs of our customers and industry! Each milestone represents a chapter in our story of growth, passion, and dedication to our core values guiding our actions and decisions as we strive to make a positive impact to the world around us.

Most recent news from our team;

1st February 2024 - New Milestone, we accumulated a total of 3 million video views on our YouTube Channel.

January 2024 - Our team is expanding, we now have a social media manager, content specialist, and video editors. Which means that we can provide even more value to you.

Work Brainstorming

11th November 2023 - Our YouTube community has grown to 6,000 subscribers. Thank you so much for your support!

21st October 2023 - We founded Carved Business; A website, blog and YouTube channel where we share business strategies, mindset and tips for entrepreneurs and business owners in the digital world - Find out more about Carved Business here.

August 2023 - Based on your feedback on our worst performing YouTube videos, we have recreated and re-edited them and they should be more engaging!

Video Recorder

June 2023 - We have started selling our sale and end of line products on Vinted, follow us on Vinted for great deals.

18th December 2022 - We started sharing kalimba tabs online and became the biggest contributor to - You can see Carved Culture's contributed kalimba tabs here.

6th October 2022 - Started publishing daily YT shorts showing how our musical instruments sound.

Playing Traditional Instrument

July 2022 - We have been working with talented photographers to improve our product photos to make our website more beautiful.

8th March 2022 - Worked with food enthusiast; ‘Sam Braggs’ to create entertaining food trying videos to help consumers with food buying decisions.

November 2021 - Our handmade products are now available on Etsy.

February 2021 - We have been approved for the YouTube partnership which means that we now have a bigger budget for our YouTube videos to make better content for you.

31st December 2020 - We had an interview with Startup on the topic of how the Coronavirus has affected our business. You can read how COVID-19 impacted us here.

8th December 2020 - We setup a fundraiser for (Ravi) Muthu Ajith Kumar raising £90 and sent him food parcels, You can watch Ravi's story here.

Carved Culture's Fundraising

August 2020 - Our YouTube videos will now contain closed captions for those that are hard of hearing.

May 2020 - Introduced natural aromatherapy products containing essential oils and clay to our range by Corinne Taylor.

April 2020 - We joined the Amazon affiliates programme, and so when you purchase an Amazon recommended product from our blog, we will earn a small commission. These funds help support new projects and better tailored recommendations from our research on eco-friendly or natural alternatives. 

March 2020 - Our website just got upgraded with a new theme. It should now be faster and have more functionality and features!

February 2020 - We introduced new products from Japan!

October 2019 - Created our YouTube channel and started making cooking videos, You can watch our first YouTube video upload here.

Youtube Channel Creation

June 2019 - Became a member of BAFTS (British Association of Fair Trade shops) You can find out more about our BAFTS membership here.

 March 2019 - Added furniture pieces to our online store.

February 2019 - Added a gift range to our online store.

January 2019 - We started selling on Amazon.

2017 - We started selling musical instruments sourcing products from various countries from around the world.

March 2016 - Carved Culture was founded, we started out selling secondhand items online under trading name: "Bomzer's Bargains".

Starting an Online Business


Carved Culture's Summary Timeline

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