Singing Bowls

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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 products
brass singing bowl with beater and necklace in backdrop
Tibetan Singing Bowl
Sale priceFrom £42.00
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Lunia singing bowl beater with wooden handle and suede end
Lunia Singing Bowl Beater
Sale priceFrom £15.00
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Solid wood replacement singing bowl beater
Singing Bowl Stick
Sale price£10.00
Golden 14cm Singing Bowl and beater with white background
Golden 14cm Singing Bowl
Sale price£70.00
blue Khudi singing bowl with stick grey backdrop
Khudi Singing Bowl
Sale price£40.00
solid wood standing singing bowl stand
Dewa Bowl Stand
Sale price£20.00
Single Wool Mallet with white background
Single Wool Mallet
Sale price£20.00

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