Ethical Hippy Clothing for Festivals

In a world that celebrates individuality and self-expression, ethnic clothing has emerged as a powerful means of showcasing diverse cultures and traditions. Oxford Dictionaries defines ethnicity as "the fact or state of belonging to a social group with a common national or cultural tradition." For those who identify as hippies, clothing is not merely a functional necessity but a canvas for creativity and cultural appreciation. The hippie movement embraces clothing designs, styles, and colours that are born from many different cultures, allowing individuals to express themselves authentically.

Cultural clothing from around the world

The beauty of ethnic clothing is in its ability to blend various cultural elements seamlessly. No longer bound by the constraints of conforming to any specific style, hippies believe in experimenting with different fashion choices. The world is brimming with countless cultures, each with unique clothing ideas waiting to be shared.

From plain and simple to intricate and elaborate designs, there is an endless array of stunning ethnic clothing ideas. We understand the importance of cultural exchange and collaborates with producers from Nepal, India, Bali, Thailand, and other countries to curate a diverse range of Fair Trade ethnic clothing.

We pride ourselves offering a selection of ethical clothing worldwide. While India and Nepal are the leading countries of origin for their collection, we also work with artisans and producers from Indonesia, Mexico, and Guatemala.

The appeal of ethnic clothing lies in its ability to stand out in a crowd with its vibrant colours and unique designs. Whether you're seeking ethnic shirts, skirts, jackets, or more, Our clothing collection range caters to both men and women looking for that distinct piece of clothing.

Hippy Dresses

Genki slip hippy dress

Dresses are a staple in every hippie's wardrobe, particularly during summer festivals and sunny days. Hippy dresses offer the perfect blend of comfort and style, allowing individuals to feel relaxed and carefree while expressing their unique personalities. These versatile garments can be worn by anyone, regardless of age or gender, and can be adapted to any weather condition.

On hot and sunny days, a hippie dress can be worn independently. As the temperature drops, adding a jacket or shrug can provide warmth and style. Pairing a dress with leggings or tights can make it suitable for cooler weather, and it even pairs well with flared jeans. We offer a diverse range of hippie dresses, each handmade with care to ensure the highest quality and individuality.

Materials that Reflect Diversity

To provide a wide range of choices when it comes to feel, cut, and style, our dresses are made from various materials. Cotton dresses, made from 100% quality cotton, are available in different styles, including those with embroidery work, crochet details, or a ripped look effect. Sari dresses, made from recycled saris showcase a mix of colors and patterns.

The elasticated bust allows them to be worn as dresses and skirts, offering versatility and sustainability. By repurposing these valuable items of clothing that might have otherwise been discarded, our hippy clothing contributes to a sustainable fashion industry.

Rayon dresses, on the other hand, are the most extensive range available. This lightweight and airy material is perfect for warmer months, keeping individuals cool and comfortable. With a wide range of colours, patterns, and styles, including long and short options, there's a rayon dress for every preference.

Hippy Skirts

Vibrant hippy skirt

Hippy skirts are an essential part of any hippie's summer festival attire. With their flowing and versatile nature, these skirts exude a sense of freedom and self-expression. We understand the love for hippie skirts, so we continuously expand their collection to cater to various tastes and preferences. Whether you prefer short festival skirts or long hippie skirts, there is something for everyone.

The range of styles and designs is extensive, including tie-dye, patchwork, and ragged pixie hems, ensuring that every individual can find a skirt that resonates with their unique style. Handmade in countries like Nepal, India, and Thailand, each skirt is a one-of-a-kind piece, adding a touch of exclusivity and authenticity to the wearer's outfit.

Hippy skirts exemplify the fusion of cultures, showcasing the beauty of diverse traditions coming together harmoniously. Our clothing collection features 100% cashmere hats, as well as skirts made from a variety of materials, including cotton, rayon, recycled saris, and so much more.

Cotton skirts offer a comfortable and breathable option, with different styles and details to suit individual tastes. Recycled sari skirts made from repurposed silk saris showcase vibrant colours and patterns, adding a touch of bohemian charm to any outfit. The elasticated waistbands of these skirts allow for easy adjustment and versatility, making them suitable for various body types. Rayon skirts, with their lightweight and airy nature, are ideal for warmer months, keeping individuals cool and stylish. Shop for hippy skirts here.

Creating a Sustainable Fashion Future

We are committed to offering a wide range of Fair Trade and ethically sourced clothing options, ensuring everyone can find something they love. Unlike traditional clothing stores that often prioritise women's clothing, we recognise the importance of inclusivity by providing a significant selection of men's clothing alongside women's options.

We would love to make the world of hippie clothing accessible and enjoyable for both men and women. All clothes should be fun, colourful, comfortable, and of excellent quality, ensuring that customers receive clothing they will cherish for a long time. We understand that personal style is an integral part of one's identity and strive to offer a diverse selection of clothing that caters to various tastes and preferences—from bold and vibrant designs to more subtle and understated styles, ensuring something for everyone.

With our commitment to quality, uniqueness, and sustainability, we are dedicated to providing clothing that not only looks good but also feels excellent, reflecting the true spirit of the hippie movement.

In a world that celebrates diversity and individuality, ethnic clothing allows individuals to express their unique personalities while embracing different cultures and traditions. Our hippy clothing collection of Fair Trade ethnic clothing from around the world offers a wide range of options for those seeking to make a statement through their fashion choices.

Whether it's a hippie dress, a sari skirt, or a flowing hippie skirt, each piece is carefully handmade and reflects the richness and beauty of cultural fusion. By choosing ethically sourced clothing and supporting Fair Trade, individuals can contribute to a more sustainable and inclusive fashion future. Embrace your individuality, celebrate cultural diversity, and express yourself through the vibrant and eclectic world of ethnic clothing.

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