Here Comes The Sun (Kalimba Tab)

The single 'Here comes the sun' is an absolute classic by The Beatles. The timeless song never gets old and even though it was originally released in 1969 on the album called: Abbey Road it has since been remastered in 2009 and has been covered by The cast of Glee and even Colbie Caillat.

The folk pop song is played in the key of A Major at 129 beats per minute. This is one of the most popular songs by English rock band - The Beatles and below you will find some lyrics to the song along with the notes and number notation so that you can play it on the Kalimba.

Here Comes the Sun (Kalimba Video)


3° 1° 2° 
E° C° D° E°
Little darling

3° 2°  1° 6  1° 2°    6  5
E° D° C° A C° D° C° A G
It’s been a long cold lonely winter

3° 1°   
E° C° D° E°
Little darling,

3° 2°  1° 6 3° 2°    7
E° D° C° A E° D° C° B
It feels like years since it’s been here

3° 2° 3° 1°    1° 2° 3°
E° D° E° C° E° C° D° E°
Here comes the sun

3° 2° 3° 1°  6 3° 2° 
E° D° E° C° A E° D° C°
Here comes the sun, and I say

3° 2° 
E° D° C°
It’s all right!

5 6  1° 2°
G A C° D°

5 6  1° 2°
G A C° D°

5 6  1° 2°
G A C° D°

  7  6 5
C° B A G

Doo do do do

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