Should kids have to wear school uniform?

Many parents commonly debate, as to whether their children should have to wear school uniform or not. Looking at it from both sides it makes complete sense for both parties to believe what they do. We are going to take a look at the pros and cons. The positives and negatives and explain to you why there is not exactly a wrong or right answer.

Does school uniform affect my child’s ability to learn?

If you consider the reasons why kids go to school in the first place. It’s because they have plenty to learn. From this perspective, it could be argued whether a school uniform affects their education. As we dive deeper, we discover that the outfit itself does not improve their knowledge. If, however, they can openly wear what they desire. That could provide various distractions throughout the school.

This is because school pupils will likely have discussions regarding fashion. And may bully other children who don’t wear expensive designer clothes. By forcing every child to wear the same clothes, this reduces the problem. Great, problem solved right? Not quite.

Is school uniform restricting creativity?

Every child is unique with distinct styles and personalities.  According to research, children do better in virtually everything if they’re able to express their creativity, this indicates that if children were allowed to wear what they like this could improve their education and by forcing them to wear specific clothes we are restricting those unique characteristics that could blossom into something incredible. A handful of private schools have demonstrated this exact fact, and the evidence shows that those children result in doing better in their exams.

Should we scrap school uniforms?

At this point, it may seem like it would be a good idea to scrap the school uniform. Giving children the freedom to wear what they want. But that’s also not a great idea. Not only does the school uniform help each child to feel like they are a part of something, and that they are all connected in some way. This reduces bullying, but also it teaches them some valuable life skills.

Most people in their jobs are not allowed to wear what they want. We must dress smart most of the time. Some people wear shirts and trousers, and others wear suits. In some cases, this is very important and, if we rebelled in our adulthood and refuse the uniform or dress code, we would be putting our career at risk. In comparison, school uniform may have its negatives, but it’s a crucial development that is needed for the future. One of the main reasons that children wear school uniforms is a political one, the conservative and labour governments believe that a strict dress code creates the environment for good discipline, and the schools have been pressurized to enforce these.

What does school prepare children for?

Another argument based on schools itself is that it prepares you to become a functional worker, and it seems as though this type of person that they want us to be is slowly being replaced by artificial intelligence.

That is why it is more important than ever to create your own company. It is believed to be more secure if you have a reliable business model than working for another firm where you are replaceable. On the topic of being self-employed or being an entrepreneur, the need for a uniform is depleted. In this case, the creativity that you have suppressed for most of your school days would have suffered.

The quality of education in schools is questionable. I suppose that the only solution to the dilemma, as to whether kids should have to wear school uniform or not would be to remove the uniform, and instead introduce a dress code that can take its place, at least this way, the clothes will be less restrictive by allowing kids to become more unique individuals.

We have enough mass-conformity in the world already, and it’s about time that we stopped labelling ourselves with the name of the school that we attend and start expressing more of who we genuinely are.

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